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Is Julius Peppers the greatest player in Panthers history?

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Not many people outside of the Carolinas probably remember this, but there was a vocal faction leading up to the 2002 NFL Draft that felt the Panthers should take Oregon QB Joey Harrington. Good thing John Fox stuck to his defensive instincts. While Harrington flamed out in Detroit, Peppers emerged as one of the NFL's most dangerous pass rushers. Peppers posted 12 sacks his rookie season and had five other double-digit sack seasons in Carolina. A two-sport star at UNC, Peppers' athleticism made him unique among his peers. How he lost out on the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award in 2004 -- a season in which he scored two touchdowns in addition to his 11 sacks -- remains one of the sport's unsung travesties.


College Football Awards and honors

  • NFL awards and honors

  • NFL Rookie of the Month (10/02)

  • 2002 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

  • 2004 NFL Alumni Defensive Lineman of the Year

  • 2004 NFC Defensive Player of the Year

  • NFL 2000's All Decade Team

  • 100 Sacks Club

  • 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 NFC Pro Bowl

  • 2004, 2006, 2010 All-Pro First Team

  • 2008, 2009, 2012 All-Pro Second Team

  • Four time NFC Defensive Player of the Month (11/2004, 10/2006, 11/2010, 11/2011)

  • Five time NFC Defensive Player of the Week (11/13/06, 11/9/08, 11/1/09, 11/18/10,12/23/12)

Panthers franchise records

  • Most career sacks (81)
  • Most career forced fumbles (30)
  • Longest Interception return: 97 (vs. Denver Broncos 10/10/04)

NFL records and accomplishments

  • Most interception return yards by a defensive lineman in NFL history: 178 yds
  • Most interception return yards in a single season by a defensive lineman in NFL history: 143 yds
  • Longest interception return by a defensive lineman in NFL history: 97 yds
  • Most interception return yards in a single game by a defensive lineman in NFL history: 97 yds
  • Most combined interception and fumble return yards by a defensive lineman in a single season since NFL merger in 1970: 203 yds
  • Tied for second most interceptions returned for touchdowns by a defensive lineman in NFL history: 2
  • Eighteenth most sacks in NFL history: 111.5
  • Tied for tenth most forced fumbles in NFL history: 37
  • Tied for second most interceptions by a defensive lineman in NFL history: 8
  • Third most passes defensed by a defensive lineman in NFL history: 59
  • Second most blocked kicks in NFL history: 13
  • Tied for fifth most double digit sack seasons in NFL history: 8
  • Tied for fourth most games with at least three sacks: 9
  • Tied for fifteenth most multiple sack games in NFL history: 28

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http://network.yardb....y_horn/8505457 Don't throw a screen to Peppers side of the field! A screen to Calvin Johnson is sniffed out by the very aware Peppers who forces the fumble and crushes poor Calvin.

Peppers picks off the Panthers in his homecoming game to Charlotte.

Peppers interception return for a TD.

Peppers crushes wussy Rodgers.

Peppers nearly decapitates Matt Ryan. Peppers injures Matt Stafford for the entire 2010 season. Peppers intercepts Brett Favre. Peppers gets a sack and forced fumble in the end zone that is recovered for a Bears TD.

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Share on other sites Peppers blocks one of his 13 career kicks against the Packers, the Bears end up winning the game by 3 points.

Peppers is Batman

Peppers Bears and Panthers highlights.

Peppers highlights

Peppers Bears, Panthers, and UNC basketball highlights.

Peppers alley-oop dunk. Peppers from his younger days with the Panthers. Peppers throws an offensive lineman to the ground like a rag doll for a sack. Peppers lines up as a DT

and uses the Reggie White hump move to toss aside a blocker with one arm for the sack

Peppers single handedly destroys Vikings

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Thanks for joining Carolina Huddle Mr Peppers

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I see you postin Carl Carey.

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I have a desire to delete this thread and the OP...

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Until he has a bronze statue outside the stadium, he's not the best player we've had. Sure his stats are good, but he's not a leader of men. That's the true definition of greatness.

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