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Car sales revisited

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So since it's a Gremlin when you get it wet it turns into an AMX right?



Complete with the original Levi seats. She's a beaut.

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So, today, I had a customer look at an SUV...which was certified (only dealers of that brand can certify). They had driven a bit of a distance and had a list of cars from their internet research that they wanted to look at. Only 1 car was left, at another dealer. They came back saying that dealer offered a "lifetime guarantee" on all used cars. Talked to my manager...he said this "guarantee" was filled with all sorts of fine print (like everything had to be done there....no exception for travelling, plus other fine print stuff.) I mention this because things that sound too good to be true often are. No one can offer a lifetime warranty on any car....much less a used car.

As it turns out, this couple (really neat people) bought from me. Likely because we offered value and seemed more credible.

Lesson....do the research. Know what your trade-in is worth. (I can give you links if you need them.) If a dealer offers a lot more....know they have their cars marked up a lot. Check out warranty options. There is a big difference. (And check the fine print).

I still love my job.

I am meeting a lot of nice and interesting people. Even if they do not buy, a lot of wonderful people to get to know.

Trust your instinct..if you do not like the sales person....run.

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I could never sell cars I'm a sleazy liar who will sell you a lemon and make you feel good about it...

so I will stick with working at the IRS.

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