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Bobcats Not Rushing To Decision On Dunlap

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You say of course he is going to listen... then you say he isn't going to come back to coach a piss poor team... So which is it, why would he listen if he's already made up his mind on who he wants to coach?

Of course he is going to listen out of respect, but do you REALLY think that he is going to seriously consider becoming the head coach of third worst team in the NBA (or the 2nd worst team in CHA for that matter)? If so, I really don't know what to tell ya, man. He's not going to come back and coach a team that don't have a chance at a championship... not at this age and at this point in his career. Again, call me out if I am wrong, that's fine, but don't act like I'm an idiot because I don't believe that the greatest coach of all time won't be coming back to coach the Cleveland Cavs or Charlotte Bobcats.

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lol at the though of Phil Jackson to coach the Bobcats.

And lol to anyone who thought Phil Jackson was a serious candidate for the Cleveland job.

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Just as I, and many others knew...

Jackson Uninterested In Cavaliers' Position, Seeks Front Office Role

Representatives of Phil Jackson have informed the Cleveland Cavaliers that he is not interested in the franchise's coaching vacancy, according to sources.

The Cavaliers fired Byron Scott last week.

Jackson, according to sources, is more interested in taking a front office position with an NBA team.

The Cavaliers assumed Jackson would not be interested in becoming their head coach, but considered it an aspect of their due diligence.


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