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Revis To Bucs, And Why We Should Rejoice

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Posted 24 April 2013 - 08:56 AM

i wouldn't say we should rejoice, but it's clear this isn't the final cog in the chain the bucs would like it to be. our best course of action is to react to it by building our offense, schematically and personnel-wise, to cope with the threat, and that starts with wide receiver. if revis more or less removes smith (a legitimate possibility) from the game, or at least marginalizes him, then negate revis with guys that can take advantage of subpar DBs (by, say, drafting a top-notch receiver, for starters.)

revis is good.
revis is a threat.
we have a general manager who can plan to negate a threat.

we'll be alright.

agree with all that except I'd add two things.

revis is a threat.....to just one player, the WR he's covering. if you can avoid throwing to that WR and still be productive the you've made revis irrelevant. he can't shut down an offense unless that offense is solely dependent on that WR for success and keeps throwing to that WR (see jake circa 2009).

about gettleman negating rivera, agreed to a point, but it also depends on shula's gameplan and management/playcalling. if he calls a more traditional gameplan and/or focuses on smitty too much we'll lose to them again. negating the revis effect and that defense as a whole depends on our ability to not play to the bucs D strengths. keep it in the air and away from smith.