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Happy Panther

4th Grade Quiz in SC

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The reason I put it here is its relevant. From evolution or big bang or creationism. There are landmark moments that are concurrent with the time in whic they are brought but down the road, either a black swan or more info can offset or at least alter a previous landmark.

In fact the post from happy saying snopes now says this is undeterminded etc backs this up.

Confirmation bias isn't reserved for the young earth crowd. It can apply to us all.

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My parents pulled me out of public school in the middle of 8th grade and sent me to a shitty ass church school for the rest of 8th grade. They actually spanked a girl because she asked too many questions in science and bible class. This test was as right up their alley.

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For those who don't think it's important.


Creationism in Louisiana School Systems






"With the New Orleans Medical Corridor poised for tremendous growth, this law also profoundly impacts our ability to fill jobs in the cutting-edge science fields with students educated in our state's public schools."


Peter Kulakowsky, a biotech entrepreneur in Louisiana, recently published a letter in the New Orleans Times-Picayune, saying that:

"As the director of a biological laboratory in Louisiana, I need enlightened staff. Distracting the state's students in their formative training [through the Louisiana Science Education Act] only cripples them."






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what teacher names their quizzes "4th grade science quiz"?


huddle poster jase

A photoshopper, apparently.

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The only reason i posted is because people think it is ok to openly question and belittle other peoples beliefs. If its the way you feel thats fine. I will not agree with you and you insulting me is not going to change that. If you can explain where a tiny particle and a whole hell of a lot of energy came from and randomly came together to create an entire universe with a planet the exact distance from a sun to support life then i am all ears, but for something to happen sooooooo randomly and yet soooo perfectly is not something i will ever comprehend. Like I said im not going to change your mind or you mine. But i will never say what you believe is stupid even though i disagree. Because that is disrespecting the person not the belief. again this isnt the forum for this discussion.


The error in your thinking is that you are being Earth-centric, and assuming that there's a reason that this planet was the 'one,' as if it was chosen to have life.  Earth is not the only planet in the universe, and Sol is not the only star.  You throw enough crap out there, which is what the big bang did, somewhere, one of them will happen to line up just right.  It just so happens to be this one, so carbon based life was able to evolve here.  We could have ended up somewhere very different, but this is where the chips fell.  There are likely several others that lined up right, too.  We just don't know about them, yet.


Life grew here because the conditions were favorable, not that the conditions were made favorable so that life could grow here.

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