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  1. The league may never see a Dude quite like Cam. Agreed on the haters I defended him on many occasions to so called "Panther Fans".
  2. So... with Bryce having a window of 2.7 sec do we go for "deep threat speedsters" or someone that has a "knack for getting open" ( a McConkey type) at WR position?
  3. What a time to be a Panthers fan. I think the Eagles whiffed on serval tackles on that particular play.
  4. I still get ticked off thinking about it. Refs two feet away, letting the Donkeys defense tee off on Cam all night.
  5. A bold statement, but never the less, one I can support.
  6. .... and EVERY NFL game there's the obligatory Dallas/Pittsburgh Jersey. ( Never mind it's a game between Arizona and Baltimore)
  7. "No where to go but up" " It's always darkest before the dawn" ...... that's all the platitudes I could think of...
  8. "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth" - Mike Tyson
  9. Guess they've never heard of Jack Kent Cooke.
  10. For a moment I thought this thread was started by "electros horse".
  11. It's not about "winning" in the offensive sense with the Swiss Army, it's about "defending". Just saying.
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