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With the 12th pick...

Who do you choose with the 12 pick??  

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  1. 1. Who do you choose with the 12 pick??

    • Henderson
    • T.Williams
    • Blair
    • Jennings
    • Clark

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His knees were a problem 2 months ago, he has worked out and got his weight down, read the Bobcats website.

Chad Ford reported otherwise a few weeks ago on ESPN Insider

On the downside, Pittsburgh's DeJuan Blair has to be bummed. Blair looked solid in the drills and really impressed teams with his weight loss and tone. He also measured short, but his wingspan, standing reach and his athletic abilities made up for much of it.

However, the news became much grimmer for Blair when the results of the medical testing came back. Multiple NBA teams are saying Blair's knees have been red-flagged. Blair tore both of his ACLs in high school, and the preliminary word from the physicals is that his knees aren't in great shape. How bad they are depends on who you talk to, but the range wasn't good. I heard everything from "devastating" to "troubling." Blair's agent, Happy Walters, doesn't feel words like "devastating" are accurate.

To much of a gamble

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Chad Ford reported otherwise a few weeks ago on ESPN Insider

To much of a gamble

That's wierd on the Bobcats web site, he said his knees werent that big of a problem because he lost 36 lbs.

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DeJuan Blair • 6-7 • 265 lbs. • Forward • Pittsburgh • Sophomore

DeJuan Blair Workout Video | Blair Prospect Profile

(On today’s workout)

This was a good workout. It was one of the best ones because I got a lot of learning out of it. Coach Brown is an excellent coach and I learned a lot today.

(On working out with five other players)

It helped a lot. Going against other physical players makes them better and it makes you better. I want to go against the best to be the best. That is what I think all my workouts have consisted of.

(On how losing weight has helped him)

It helped me a lot in a conditioning way and a healthy way. It helped me with my knees, I’m lighter, more explosive and quicker. It has helped me in a lot of ways, now it is all about maintaining it. I think I’ve been doing a good job on this little road trip I’ve had.

(On how much weight he has lost)

I’m 276 (pounds), so that is about 36 pounds (that I’ve lost). I am just eating right, staying in the weight room late, coming early and doing a lot of extra things to get my body right.

(On where he is expected to be drafted)

Somewhere from 10 to 20. That is the range of teams that I’ve been working out for.

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d-run    83

I like Clark...he seems to be a 3/4 combo forward that can score and play D. He is big enough to play the 4 and athletic enough to play the 3 and gaurd on the wing...something you can't discount because cle got knocked out of the playoffs cause they didn't have one. He can come off the bench and back up wallace or diaw....then we could draft meeks in the second to provide some scoring off the bench. Also, Brown seemed really impressed with him today, and even compared him to some pretty good players.

I like Henderson better than T-will if we go with a sg. It seems like Henderson has been a more consistant player during his career.

Also, I like blair, but it is the fact that he tore both his ACLs that concern me, not his weight.

If anyone hasn't seen this article, it is pretty cool...


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Yes it would indeed, but all the mock drafts on the Bobcats website project him anywhere from the 6th to 9th, most say he will go to the T-Wolves at the 6th pick, however you never no.

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ncfan    1,349

no way Evans falls to us. I think we should try to trade down, get a guy like Ellington (good shooting sg) similar to what brown had in Rip in Detroit. Try to pick a good big man with the trade.

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God    15

If we draft Tyler Hansbrough I am done with this team.

Looks more and more likely everyday if T-Will is left he will be ours.

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