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One Thing is Certain: Competition at an All-Time High

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It just makes the most sense. The return game is covered. If you're keeping a WR just to be a gunner somethings wrong. That's how foxy used his 5th WR...LOL. Plus i think we got the gunner spot covered. Its not a bad thing IMO. It puts the most skilled guys on the team.


and Im not saying we would do that, Im just saying it has been done before, like. . a lot more commonly than youre making it to be.


We have no idea who, out of the new guys, have ability in our system yet so I would say its hard to pencil in anyone's duties.

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Did you say that the guy we used a 4th round pick on last year is one drop away from being cut. For some reason you've gotta a head full of steam on this one and Im hearing you, but man it sounds very unreasonable.


First of all, he's not slow, when you say something like that it makes me want to not hear anything else you have to say because its just plain absurd. Go watch any time he's touched the ball and tell me you dont notice that he's exploding away from the initial defenders. Secondly its not dropsies that he has, he fumbles. Thats worse, but both are fixable anyways. Thirdly Tavon Austin. . you know that guy that was drafted in the top 10, is 170-175. . .smaller than Adams. There are plenty of sets to put small shifty guys into. Aaaaand lastly a player needs to really poo the bed to get cut after being drafted in the 4th the year before.


Like I said he has to show something, but hes a favorite to make that 5th spot. Oh and btw its not like kick/punt returning is a safe and cozy position to play. Injuries are common enough that coaches/gm's often stock plenty of them.


The bottom line is that he will be helpful to the team so he will get a spot. Im not trying to poke, I hope you understand Im just a loud guy who likes to have fun and laugh a lot. . . but you gotta get them paddles back in the water sir. It sounds like you have an emotional tie to some other candidate on the roster and Im still waiting for you to spill that part. Who is it, Lamont, that big dummeh?  Whos better than Joe Adams?. . .  Pilares, AE? and dont say Gettis, pssst I know, but he needs confidence.







First off. 4th rounders are not a lock to make a team. Especially after the season Adams just had. If he does not fix the issue he has with ball control, it wouldn't matter what round he was drafted. He hurts his chances to make this team every time he drops something. If Rivera can't trust him, he won't see the field. If he can't sniff the field, what good is he?


Secondly, his measurables. He is one of, if not the, smallest guys around. He may have some quickness, but he ain't fast. He has potential, I will give him that.  But even you said he needs to show something.


I live in SEC country. I have seen him play. I am a big fan. Unfortunately, I have to believe he did everything within his power improve for this year. That if, if, he can reach his potential this year. He can help us.


There definitely is an opening for Joe. Is he capable of claiming it?


Hellz, I am already on the Adams in the Slot, with Barner in the Backfield train. I just don't see it becoming a reality.




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