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Thank You Geno!

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carolina-chuck    2,761

For taking the media away from Cam.

We thought Cam hated to lose games. Not anymore. Geno hates it more.

Immaturity and personality were questioned before the draft. Left the Draft before the 1st round ended, then questioned if he was coming back Day 2. Now, fired his agents bc he felt that he should have been not just a 1st rounder but the no.1 overall pick. Lol!!!!

NYJ is a perfect fit for Geno, media wise. The media will pick someone else to pound on. Again, thank you Geno!

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Fan01    552

I was not a fan of Geno before the draft but didn't know that much about him.  After the way he's handled himself during and after the draft I'll love rooting againt him.  The JETS aren't a real NFL team, they're sports entertainment. 

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PanthersBigD    1,221

Aaron Rodgers acted the same way when it happened to him: bummed. And he actually went in the first round. And there wasn't twitter, etc., etc., etc.


What a terrible leader he's become...


The media is making this kid the heel because people need heroes and villains in order to hold their short attention spans.

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