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Get out of jail free card.....

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If the objective is to reduce this country's chronic warehousing of criminals, a more effective method would be:  Need I even say it?  More Guns!


For instance, keeping with the OP's theme:  A wife beater attempts to beat on his wife.  Wife whips out handgun, BAM!  No more wife beater.  Simple enough.  A case of self defense, no need for a costly trial or jail term.  The bonus here is that the widow now feels empowered and doesn't require any third party involvement in the form of an MMA fighter.  All she'll need is a meat wagon to cart off her formerly abusive husband's lifeless body.


However, if the real objective was to provide some sort of entertainment value, may I suggest another course of action? Wait for it.  Pistols with a built in camera activated by the hand grip!  Such a recording device would not only help confirm a wife's righteous kill, but perhaps even more importantly, it would provide a never ending source of low cost entertainment for the American public. 


There must be a ridiculously large number of domestic violence incidents each week across our great nation simply going to waste.  Those incidents could be providing a wealth of video footage for a new reality series about wife beaters getting their comeuppance.  It could be called "Candid Handgun", "Surprise! Say Hello to My Little Friend" or "The Not So Famous Last Words of My Wife Beater Husband".  The possibilities are endless.  Hell, if the pistols incorporated WIFI, there could even be "Real Time" broadcasts.  Announcer: "Going live to Atlanta where we have yet another domestic shooting in progress!".  It would be like watching OJ in the white Ford Bronco, except it wouldn't be so painfully drawn out.  Viewers at home could rest assured that in only a matter of seconds that poor SOB on the wrong side of a pistol camera would be getting whacked (This would be a definite plus for those amongst us struggling with ADD).


Sadly, I doubt this show will ever see the light of day.  Why?  Because even though it would be about killing some of the scummiest scum-of-the-earth, it would also turn a mirror on how violent, blood lustful and insensitive to other peoples' misfortune we have become in America.  Politicians and their corporate overlords would live in fear that the public, after witnessing such horrors, might actually develop a sense of human decency and demand a change to our society's current social contract.  A contract that has resulted in the USA becoming the most violent industrialized society the world has ever known.

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