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Worcester goes crazy over burying of terrorist body

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So from my neck of the woods...


Warning: Mildly offensive opinion piece, lol




What do you guys think of people being pissed about this guy being buried in the US?  I think it's bullcrap, I don't care where he is buried. 


When I first heard that Stefan was willing to do this, I was initially pissed off. Why the hell does it have to be Worcester? This is what we do now? Bury terrorists?

Then I started thinking about it a little more. Who cares? It’s a dead body. Yes, when the organs inside that body were functioning this person was the lowest form of life possible. But then he was run over by his idiot, recovering pothead of a brother, who took a break from playing Fifa soccer to kill a bunch of civilians and hide in a boat.

Dead bodies aren’t defendants. They are a collection of pieces of matter that will eventually disintegrate and cease to exist. So who gives a s*** where this idiot’s body is buried? Within months bugs are going to penetrate the casket and start feasting. Millions of the nastiest critters you can imagine will slowly decompose his body until it no longer exists.

And I’m supposed to be offended by this because the bugs live in Worcester?

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