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Was Danny Brown Raped?

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If you’re not tuned in to #raptwitter, you may have missed rapper Danny Brown’s on-stage forced oral sex during a recent show in Minneapolis.

You may also have missed the news because no one, other than Brown’s opening act and protege Kitty Pryde, is calling what happened forced oral sex, or what it really should be called — rape.

Vanessa Quilantan, a columnist at the Dallas Observer’s DC9 At Night music blog has determined, even though she wasn’t at the concert in Minneapolis, that there’s no way that Danny Brown’s on-stage sexual assault wasn’t consensual, and her reasoning is exactly why men don’t report their sexual assaults — because the media, police, and the people in their lives don’t believe them.

Brown, a rapper whose discography contains plenty of sexually explicit material, apparently couldn’t have been sexually assaulted because of a Twitter exchange between him and fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar, which you can read in Quilantan’s original piece.

In the exchange, Lamar asks Danny Brown if he “got head onstage last night,” to which Brown replies, “and didn’t miss one bar bruh bruh.” To clarify, he didn’t stop rapping, even while being assaulted. In Quilantan’s measure, that’s the only thing necessary to blame Brown for what happened to him that night.

In her piece about the incident, Kitty Pryde makes the compelling argument that Brown really didn’t have much of a choice other than to stand there and be assaulted — if he’d pushed her away, she could’ve hurt herself and then he’d be known forever as the guy who beat up the girl who was trying to blow him. If he’d pushed her away, he’d have legions of hip-hop fans calling him the only “f*ggot” in hip-hop who doesn’t want his dick sucked by groupies.



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Poor Guy

Bet he was scared for his life. I think she should spend life in prison. Guess since he was assaulted, there WILL be charges, right? All these people will surely insist.

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I remember that time I let myself be raped because of what hip hop fans might think. I mean goodness if hip hop fans think I'm a fine young male then what am I even doing with my life?

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