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I would like 2 humbly ask Zod to allow us 2 create a Twitter Brigade.

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I have sat by and watched people like Peter King, Mike Mayock and Adam Schein snipe the team I root for get away with falsehoods, innuendos, misinformation and practically slander with no remorse or consequences.  

At 12:50 AM, this day, there were 329 users logged on to this forum...fuging 329 of us at practically 1 o'clock in the morning!!

I have no idea how many active users there are on the Huddle but I have a feeling there are a lot more than 1,000 of us that have something to say to the talking heads that seem hell bent on demeaning our QB, our staff, our OL, our coach, our entire organization.

I am asking Zod to allow someone to organize a concerted effort to get 100% of Huddlers on Twitter and then tweet these assholes our opinions when they step out of bounds organized and en masse (all at once) so that this poo stops.

All it would take is one Huddler to organize us and decide a day and a time that we, all together tweet Adam Scheien that he should immediately explain himself to the world why he hates Cam and Ron so much or defend his opinion on Charlotte media outlets (which he refused) or this douche would get 500 to 1,000 tweets in less than 10 minutes, forcing him to recant or try to defend himself against the horde.

Zod, we need to organize the troops.  Even if we don't all agree on details, you have an Army that love the Panthers.  Form a Panther Tweet Nation to force the media B-listers to be accountable for their dumbass and bias comments and embarrass them back into their shame closets.



I would be proud to lead the charge but I wait to see what you say as many are more worthy than me.



I will not stand by another day and listen to people less informed than me tell me about my Panthers without debate.






P.S.  fug Adam Schein.

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By feeding the trolls, you give them exactly what they want...and even more reason to hate on the Panthers in future articles. 

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Honestly, what they write/say never really bothers me simply because...I dont read it~


In fact, I would have no idea who they were if I didnt see their articles posted here for few reasons than to piss Huddlers off.

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Well OK, then fug it.  If you guys are OK with being fuged in the ass, I guess I should be too.  (Notice how I properly used too instead of to or two).

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500 tweets at once, yeah you guys are right, who would notice that?


What was I thinking?


Let's talk about black pants instead.

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