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Deangelo Unleashed - Win this photo

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It's a warm summer day and an elderly gentleman and his wife are driving down the highway. They are in the midst of a heated argument; his wife has accused him of adultery. Although he is vigilantly defending his honor she is convinced that he has been cheating on her. Back and forth they shout, getting louder and angrier and more upset with each exchange. Eventually his wife's anger boils over and in a fit of rage she reaches over, pulls his penis out, slices it off and hurls it out the window of the speeding car.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man is driving down the same highway with his six year old daughter. All of a sudden a bloody severed penis flies out of nowhere and SMACKS against the windshield, where it flops around for a few seconds before flying off to the side.

The young girl jumps forward in her seat, startled, and exclaims "Oh, my GOSH!!! Daddy, what was that?"

The father panics: his daughter is still too young and innocent to learn about such things as penises. He thinks quickly and tells her "Don't worry, sweetie. It was just a bug."

"Oh, okay Daddy" she responds, and they continue on their way. After a few minutes of silence the little girl looks up at her father and asks "Sure had a big dick, didn't it?"


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To seal the win:


A women returned home from a round of golf.....
Wait wait, there is more, don't laugh yet.  Her husband asked how it went. She replied, "Well, OK, but I got stung by a bee." He responded, "Where did it sting you?" She said, "Between the first and second hole," whereupon he exclaimed, "I told you your stance was too wide!"


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