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Looks like the Hornets are officially back!

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I don't understand how we can't have all this done in time for next season.  There shouldn't be any legal issues really since the NBA owns the rights/naming already.  It's just going to be a loss of revenue because who is going to buy ANY Bobcats stuff period?   Either or, it's still exciting.



Because you only really have 4 months to get everything done.  Sure it might seem possible but most likely everything is getting printed up now for next season.  Also read it has to mostly with the electronic media most.

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Agreed man... I'm really starting to think the polls were irrelevant and MJ was already working towards it since last offseason when you take Silver's comments last season into account. He even specifically mentioned the process could be sped up b/c they already owned the rights... If that's the case, I'm just really hoping the announcement at this point is a formality and that they were already working behind the scenes to transition over quickly.

As you, and many others have said, it just doesn't make any sense to play another season as the Cats knowing we're going back to the Hornets. I'm just hoping they had the foresight and already knew they were going to make the switch when they heard New Orleans was going to give the name up and prepared accordingly. I don't think the jerseys and merchandise will be the problem, I think "refacing" the arena is another story though.

It's possible. My mother works for the bobcats. Nothing big or in the know, but she was saying last season there were little things (badges, etc) that they went without. Maybe because they weren't wasting the energy printing them up?

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It was pretty crazy hearing WFNZ The Fan actually talking about the Hornets name change as their main topic this morning.  I'd love to have Hornets discussions being just as important/interesting as Panthers discussions in this city eventually.

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The beauty of brand relevance/recognition, which we never had and never would have with the Bobcats.

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