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Who all remembers the Smash and Dash name controversy?

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So you're basing everything off of the top 100 show, lol.

Cam is known as superman due to his celebration, and with the way media is nowadays, nicknames stick easier and are spread like wildfire.

Smith was reffered to superman many times in his prime like I said. Maybe you watched the games on mute or something but there were many times after one of Smiths jaw dropping plays that he got the overused "moniker" of superman. I'm not going to dig through game tape to prove that to you, because just like that dudes wife, pretty much every Panther fan remembers that poo.

And why do you think he has a huge superman tat on his arm? You are completely dodging that fact and it is more proof than any dumbass commentary on a top 100 show.

Just because you were unaware, doesn't mean that he hasn't been reffered to as superman. I can explain that to you a million times but I can't help you understand it. I understand you don't want to admit being wrong, and you want the last word, so please go ahead and take it. I'm done running in circles watching you try to save face for being unaware of something.


I'm not basing everything off the top 100 show.  Are you that dense?  You asked for an example.  Besides that, I clearly said afterwards that even with Kuechly, I don't believe Superman to really be his nickname as much as it is just said about him because he plays MLB and was drafted the year after Newton, hence the whole, "Superman of our defense," thing.


And it doesn't matter why he [Cam] is known for it.  It is the fact he IS known for it.  Is Smith known as Superman?  No.  Is Smith's moniker Superman?  No.  Has it ever been Superman?  No.  What about that can you not understand?


And he has a huge Tazmanian Devil tattoo too.  Does that mean his nickname is the Tazmanian Devil (though I think that would suit him a lot more than Superman, actually)?  Having a tat of something doesn't make that your nickname.  Smith was never commonly referred to as Superman.  Like I said, referred to as it sporadically, sure.  But it was never his nickname and not nearly to the extent of Newton's.  


Considering you have said you were done like 3 times now, I'll take it with a grain of salt.  As for not wanting to admit I'm wrong... again, are you that dense?  I clearly said if you could give me an example, I'd admit I was wrong.  Alas, you refuse to do so because it is a "waste of time."  I've admitted to being wrong plenty... well, on other sites, not this one because I often do not enter debates here and this is precisely why.  However, if anyone remembers, I admitted I was wrong when I made a misinformed comment about rookies and how they affect the salary cap.  So no, it has nothing to do with that.  I am confident enough about my intelligence that being wrong does not bother me unlike you, who has to take petty shots to make yourself feel better.

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