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Completely baseless speculation by me - how to fix our WR issue

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 04:46 PM

So what your saying is we should mortgage our future and go into complete win now mode after a 7-9 season?  With a head coach who is working under borrowed time?  Nicks has yet to play a full NFL season, averages less than 1000 yards a season, and averages less than 7 TDs a year.


What about him makes you think he's elite?  Eli proves every year that he can get production out of any receiver if he gets time in the pocket.  He's 6-1 208 lbs, which is pretty big but lafell and gettis are bigger than him while bryant dwarfs him.  He doesn't have elite speed.  Don't get me wrong hes a way better receiver than what we have, but he's not going to make this offense change overnight like Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson would.


Dude has had ONE really good year, CANNOT stay healthy for a full season, and simply does not have the upside to warrant us to not only give up future draft picks but jeopardize our ability to retain Hardy, Luke and Cam - all who are younger, better at their respective positions, and play more important positions.



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Posted 24 May 2013 - 06:34 PM


I love SMITTY but Nicks is different.  True #1 with Lafell as #2.  Smitty to the slot.  


You were working on being very careful there I see. Youre right Nicks is different though. He's not 80% the receiver Smith is. He's not as fast, not as tough, doesnt block as good, doesnt create as many yards after the catch, doesnt break as many tackles, doesnt stiff arm as many fools . . .  and isnt even remotely close to being as "deceptive" as Smith. You are talking about the all time leader of route running deception in the NFL. That is literally one of the most amazing things to watch 89 do. . . . and thats what tells me you dont watch him play.


True#1? hahaha, what does that mean? Smith isnt a true #1 in your opinion otherwise you wouldnt have taken the time to say that right? 



oh and btw would Nicks even know the offense well enough by week1? meh Ill give you a maybe on that 1, he's a hard worker.



and here's another oh and btw. Smitty isnt going to the slot, he will occasionally line up there, but he's never going to be a slot guy. He's too good for any coach to be stupid enough to do that when he can get a crapload more of production out of him at the 2 or the 1. . . and no he's not going to stop being that good in the next two years. He'll turn 36 in two years not 80. Also WR's ego's arent small. The day Smitty isnt good enough to play the 1 or 2 is the day he will likely want to retire.



The thing Nicks really has going for him is a lot of fans thinking he's more reliable than he is.To go further than that and say what you just said. . . well, this is the huddle, no one is surprised.

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 06:53 PM

i say we tank the season, go 0-16 and get the right to draft teddy bridgewater, trade it for two #1s & a #2.