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Why Do You Believe What You Believe? - - a thread to expound on your ideological background and how it has shaped your belief system(s)

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 08:14 AM

Good thread


I'd like to hear kurbs :)


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Posted 10 June 2013 - 08:42 AM

Grew up in rural mid-NC tobacco country.  Agrarian area where my babysitter was a tobacco farmer (dad dropped me off every morning around 6 in the morning from when I was about 11 or 12).  I did everything there was to do to help around a farm regarding tobacco and some livestock work.  After a while, I got small jobs at a garage in small town where I grew up just to have some extra money and learn a bit about basic mechanics.  Learned a ton from the farm as well.  Then got the inevitable grocery job that everyone did growing up while also working at the garage.  From 2nd-5th grade time I grew up in a Methodist church, then changed to a Southern Baptist church due to location waiting for house to be built.  Worked every day after school through high school.  Sort of a late bloomer due to age falling on cutoff so sports at highschool level weren't pursued except in areas were size balance were met.  Wrestling, some soccer, etc.  Didn't really know what I wanted to do after high school, but knew I never wanted to work in a field again.  Could've gone to 2nd tier colleges (UNC-Charlotte/ECU/Wilmington/etc) out of highschool but choose community college in electronics and take courses for transfer.  Worked two jobs during this also. Also was dating my wife at the time...so staying home was desired. Got degree and transferred to UNC-Charlotte for the BSET program.  Had a blast...got BSET in electronic engineering and computer electronics in '93.  Got lazy and took first job out of school doing some document imaging and continues to this day.


As far as how that mapped my ideological beliefs and how I was raised...I never knew my father was a republican until I got home after registering in highschool as one.  My entire family were democrats.  My town were democrats.  Standing in line in primaries growing up you received a blue sheet of paper or a pink sheet of paper depending on your political affiliation.  In one election, I was one of 3 people with the R paper out of over a hundred.  I didn't just accept the normal political status quo.  I spoke my mind yet understood where some came from.  I also learned a lot of not only welfare, but farm subsidies and other ways government funnelled money to specialized groups.  I grew up in the Reagan era and felt he really wanted what was best for America and fought for us.  Not necessarily wanting to just give prosperity to people...but to earn it.   Not a lot was shaped ideologically for me until college and early years of marriage and work.  Eyes opened to a lot of how things worked.  Contractor for register of deeds offices throughout the state and working for a sales oriented company, I cringed when I saw the wasteful spending nature of our NC government for the sake of spending and loss of budget monies. 


Once I got married, we both worked hard for 6 years...she earning her masters.  I moving up through ranks of company and getting nice increases.  She a UNC-Chapel Hill grad/undergrad who's family had deep democrat ties to the county she was raised.  Her grandmother head of democrat women in her county and worked for the Extension office...that there should tell you something.  My wife was a democrat.  Years later she converted to unaffiliated...and to this day I blame her for that since we get every survey, poll caller, etc during gen election season. 


We both solid in jobs we tried to have kids.  Had two miscarriages.  Then we were pregnant with twin girls and unfortunately due to twin-twin transfusion they came prematurely at ~25 weeks.  One died during birth...the other shortly after birth.  Hospital made us due to apgar fill out one birth certificate for one.  In the eyes of the state, only one of our girl's were worthy of a certificate.  Had another miscarriage then had a healthy girl.  4 years later a healthy boy.  They are now 12 and 8. 


As I mentioned, I grew up Meth/Bapt/ wife grew up Presbyrterian.  We found a non-denom church that we really enjoy and attend to this day. 

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 08:46 AM

I know a person in AquaCulture if you are interested in that.



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Posted 10 June 2013 - 08:48 AM

Kurb talks to his Sea Monkeys

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 09:37 AM




I was born August 1979. So I'm 33.


Grew up in about as rural of an area as one could find. Rural Sampson County, NC (Google map to a place called Ingold NC, my parents live 4 miles north of there) The area has some exceptional people, but exist in an exceptional bubble. "Most" everyone shops at the same place, Most everyone eats at the same restaurant, Most everyone believes the same things, etc etc. The area is likely 99.99% Southern Christian Affiliate churches (Baptist, Presby, Free Will Living Run the Aisles screaming etc). I attended one version of these most of the time.


Growing up my family was solidly in the Lower Middle class. We were not starving and had a normal home to live in , but lived very controlled lives. We rarely vacationed after I turned 8 or so and when we did it was to visit family in Florida or go to some random Racoon Hunting Trial. My Father is a product of a depression era farm family. He works to relax, He works to work, work work work is really only thing he knows. He was a farmer and worked as a Mechanic for NCDOT for the early parts of my life. This became too much for even him and around my 6th birthday or so he just worked his DOT job. He eventually climbed up to become a Shop supervisor and retired with 35+ years in a few years back. My relationship with him was strained pretty much my entire life. I work to be able to not work, he worked to be able to work. We just never really understood each other, that said, since he has retired and my Grandmother passed away, our relationship has improved dramatically.  ---My mother was a Bank teller in Turkey, NC for a long long time, during Tax season she worked at HnR Block to add some extra cash.   I forget the year, I think it was 1994 or so, my folks built a 2600 head Pig Nursery and Contracted with Murphy Brown farms. Mom stopped working at the bank/taxes and took care of that while my dad stay with the NCDOT. I grew up working in the barns (we built another a few years later) and absolutely hated it. It's likely the reason I wanted to leave and go to college. I've always been close to with my Mom, almost to a fault. 


I was a loner for most of my childhood. Growing up an only child, never really in day care, and living so far in the sticks I didn't have anyone to really socialize with. This lead to an awkward kid for most of my early grade school years. Somewhere around 2nd/3rd grade I was diagnosed with ADD and started popping ritalin. I was a straight A student, 2nd in class until 8th grade when I started refusing to take it. I feel down to a mid C student and limped through High School and College that way not really learning anything along the way. But I got my degree and started trying to grab onto my "dream job" working for the state, NCDENR.


I shipped off to Ahoskie, NC and took a poo job right out of college doing sampling at sites contaminated by leaking underground fuel storage tanks. Stayed there around 9 months then got a job working for NCDENR inspecting dairy farms out of Mooresville, NC. There i met all the fine Huddlers I know today and also met my wife.


All of my pals from College stayed in Wilmington so I was desperate to get back, so much that I almost lost my Wife-to-be trying to transfer back. After about 2 years in Charlotte I moved back "home" to Wilmington and married the best thing that ever happened to me.


Shortly after finding out we were expecting (again, lost one :( ) I was laid off from my "Dream Job". I had enjoyed my work, but always had complaints. It was too easy, too low end, and too hard of a ceiling. A couple Huddlers had chatted with my about trying new avenues, but I was lost in my comfort zone. Out of work, with no skills of note, I was fuged.  I took my 3 months severance and looked for work every day and quickly realized I had done nothing to culture myself as a person.  Once the severance ran out I was on unemployment for about 6 weeks until I took a job operating the Wrightsville Beach drawbridge making  a cool 24k a year, which was roughly 100$ a month more than unemployment. It was a very low point in my life. I was tempted several times to have an "accident" and get dead at work. The wife and new son would be set for awhile, until some better guy scooped her up, even went so far as to plan out some scenarios. During this time I guess I had my "PhillyB Nomad" moment. I had long stretches of time to just sit and think. Lots of self reflection and kindling of a fire of self improvement. Learned some long coming lessons about procrastination and the pitfalls of distraction. Finally, when I was near my wits end, I was offered a new position with NC, making more than I was, but now, in my new mindset, it wasn't enough by a long shot.


Now I am working on a major career change and making some significant progress with it. If things continue to move forward I hope to be able to turn my bride into a trophy wife till the lil one goes off to evil public schools and create a safety net for my family.



My current set of views are often conflicted and ever changing. Despite the opinions of people here I'm actually a pretty open minded person on several issues. Most recently some of our threads on the walls the Poverty put down for people and life advancement have really altered my opinion on that subject (Panthro of all people shaped my opinion on that).  Most of my view points tho come from what I have seen and experienced as a person and know them to be true *usually*. I also appreciate the good study, but I do not fool myself into thinking that all of said information is unbiased. I try desperately to keep confirmation bias out of my opinions.


Politically I want less Government influence in the lives of the Average American, I detest the fact that our system is being systematically raped by Big (insert industry here), and generally think America, despite it's flaws, still makes up the great collection of people on the planet. I believe the Government and Media manipulate us greatly to focus on our differences to keep us from realizing we are all being bullied by Uncle Sam. I don't think everyone "deserves" to go to College, but I do think everyone needs to learn a trade at minimum. Just like not everyone is "owed" a home, etc. At my heart I am a Constitutionalist I think and I feel every human should do everything possible to help themselves if they are to expect help from outside sources. For a long time I thought I related more to the "Right" especially fiscally and more to the Left on social issues. I am, however, learning that I don't really have a party anymore. I am Socially Liberal and Fiscally conservative, despite this forum telling me that is not possible. No longer am I a "small" Government guy as much as I promote "Efficient" Government. Working for the State of NC for almost a decade has shown me the Government needs a large dose of EFFICIENT and soon.


Spiritually I found myself at odds with my beliefs after meeting my wife. Two of her very best of friends are homosexual. I was told constantly these were disgusting, sinful, creatures that were burning in hell. I learned that people are people and according to the Bible I read it wasn't on me to judge them. I want equality for all races, religions, orientations b/c that's the job of the Government, to ensure equality. If religion wants to play the role of judge, well that's their sin. I believe the Bible and many of the texts inside, however, I take it as more a book of parables and lessons than anything. I believe the events happened, but I feel the lessons of humility, self sacrifice for your fellow man, and love are one of the most, if not the most important parts. It's a conflicted, backwards view but it's my own. God told me to love my fellow man and I try and do that to the best of my ability.


Dunno if I even answered the question


*rambles on...*


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Posted 10 June 2013 - 09:43 AM

I was in Winton/Tunis just this past weekend...suburb of Ahoskie fishing on the Chowan. 

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 09:47 AM

I was in Winton/Tunis just this past weekend...suburb of Ahoskie fishing on the Chowan. 


That is some of the loneliest parts of NC IMO.


NOTHING is out there.

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 09:48 AM

Nope..which made it nice.  Guitars, fishing, beer, off of work, grilling steaks, frying a bit of catfish...it was awesome. 


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Posted 10 June 2013 - 09:55 AM

the most mean spirited poster is madhatter and for some reason conservatives never have anything to say about him, presumably because he's "on their side"

p sure you have that title :)




Hatter gets called out as well.

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 10:02 AM

FWIW I have great envy of folks with exciting lives and great adventures from childhood.


I've lived a rather quiet eventless life, nothing exceptionally out of the ordinary and many times I wish I hadn't.

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 10:33 AM

I was born in March of '73, so I'm currently 40.
I was raised in a solidly middle class family in a very small town just west of Wilmington.  My dad was a union member
and ran machinery at the local paper mill, he went out on disability in 2002 after 32 years of working.  My mom worked at the same
mill first in the accounting dept. then eventually became the mill managers secretary.  She retired after 37 years in 2011.
I had a good childhood, plenty of friends... went to a very small school setting all through elementary and jr/sr high school.  My
HS was grades 7-12 and we had roughly 100 kids per class.  It was a mostly minority school with roughly 60% black to 40% white kids and 
virtually no other races.  I had a lot of friends who were black or white, but hardly knew any other races until college.
My parents, though they came from fairly religioius families rarely attended church of any kind when I was growing up.  When I was
about 15 I began attending church with my best friend and his family.  When I was 16, I attended a revival with my then girlfriend and 
became a christian, looking back on it now, mainly out of fear due to the "fire and brimstone" sermon the pastor had delivered.  I will say
though that that event definitely changed and shaped my life for years to come...
I went off to school, I didn't want to go far, but I also didn't want to stay at home, so I went to UNCW and lived on campus my freshmen
year and then an apartment after that, until I was married.  I never lived with my parents after I moved out to go to school.  I was active in the Baptist Student Union and also joined a frat my second semester.  I still keep up with a lot of my brothers to this day.
I met the girl that would become my wife in BSU my sophmore year.  Despite advice to the contrary from several people we got married in 1994, while I was 
still in school and the year after she had graduated.  Had I to do it over again I definitely would not get married so young.  Not because of 
her, but because it just wasn't the wisest move... neither of us were ready.  We have somehow managed to make it work so far and will have our
20th anniversary next April.
We've had three kids, all boys.  Our oldest is currently 17 and going into his senior year in HS.  Our middle child was diagnosed with many problems
in utero, mainly he had no kidneys.  The doctors tried to get us to abort, but that wasn't something we were prepared to do.  He was born in Feb of 1999 and
lived about 1 hour.  Our youngest is currently 13 and going into 8th grade.
The complications and subsequent death of our middle child had a profound effect on both my wife and I, but kind of in opposite ways.  She turned
 more to the church for answers and I began to question not only the church but my religious beliefs as well.  I always had doubts of the things I was
told/taught and much like Cat on here, once I started really looking into things and not just believing what I was told, I started finding a lot
of contradictions that I could not reconcile.  I began not attending church and that caused quite the rift between my wife and I, but we
have pretty much worked that out and have an understanding with each other about it.  I am definitely not a religioius person now, and don't 
see myself moving back towards that.  The church we were affiliated with promoted fear and guilt more than anything and were very judgemental if you had
anything else going on in your life, iow, if you were'nt there any time the doors were open you were looked down on.
I still have some of my conservative views, mainly in regards to fiscal issues more so than social ones.  I got my first job in my field before I had even graduated
college and moved up pretty quickly to become dept manager.  My company was bought out by a larger company not long after my first promotion and
that company proceeded to run the business into the ground.  I got out with some other guys and started a new company with some partners that
I have managed since 2001.  I love my work, really enjoy the people I work with here and like setting my own schedule, and despite my tendency towards procrastination,
I'm pretty damned good at what I do.
Social issue wise...  several of my frat brothers came out as gay after college and I am still pretty close with them.  My views in that regard have changed pretty drastically.
No longer do I think that homosexuallity is some choice people make...   my views on abortion (another hot button issue with the church) have changed
as well.  I still think that it is wrong, and it is the murder of a human life, but I do feel that the mother should have that choice, and the government
should not restrict that ability to make that choice.  As far as a lot of political issues go, I'm pretty squarly in the middle.  I know that ruffles a lot of 
feathers on here, but frankly I don't care.  I pride myself on being able to look at an issue or situation and make a judgement on that particular
situation without applying previous biases.  I've argued many times on here that nothing is "black and white" and that every situation is unique.
I do regret that I'm not more traveled than I am.  I've never had/made time for the opportunity to explore our world like PhillyB has and I think I've missed out.  I've
done some traveling for work over the years, but it's not the same and I haven't gone that many places.
Like Kurb, I could probably go on, but I'm tired of typing...


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Posted 10 June 2013 - 11:31 AM

As I posted earlier, when we first moved to nc my father had married into what I called a " true southern family." What i mean by that is that they took as good of care as they could for us. By then I had 2 half siblings and with little help from our dad his wife put forth miracles for the 4 of us daily. They never taught us to hate anyone and actually insisted that we learn to help neighbors in need or those less fortunate. They taught us to always have your friends back and never turn on family in need. After 11 years of estrangement, i later met back up with them. To this day we still have outstanding relationships, and have never considered any more of my family. This is the reason I am defensive of southerners on these threads. cause in my life I have met far more people like them than the types of a-holes you read about in the news. not saying they ain't out there. But I don't know any personally. hopefully overtime there will be less and less of them. cause I wouldn't be who I am today without good ,traditional, southern values. fyi, my half brother is a huddler too!

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 11:52 AM

I'm from western Philadelphia where I endured the majority of my youth. I was typically found on the playground after school. One day, a couple of guys came up to me, it was clear they were up no good. Well, I got in a heated disagreement with them and my mother got justifiably concerned. That's when she sent me to move in with her sister in bel air. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 11:53 AM

These life stories are awesome. Keep em coming.

Edit: Jase I can't wait to hear what happened in Bel Air

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 12:07 PM

I'm from western Philadelphia where I endured the majority of my youth. I was typically found on the playground after school. One day, a couple of guys came up to me, it was clear they were up no good. Well, I got in a heated disagreement with them and my mother got justifiably concerned. That's when she sent me to move in with her sister in bel air. The rest, as they say, is history.


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