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Steph Curry is also a huge Panther fan

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Yeah but that's temporary. The Warriors are only in Oakland until the stadium is finished.

They aren't even past environmental impact surveys. The California hippies are going the distance to stop it from being built because if the negative impact on the SF Bay.

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Would he even be a possibility for the Hornets?



no, there is no chance. If he doesn't re-sign with the Warriors after his recent extension (which he most certainly will, he loves golden state) there already rumors flying the Lakers would pursue him and there is no chance in hell we will beat the Lakers at pursuing a free agent. 


Maybe...maybe in the twilight of his career due to

a.)hometown hero

b.)his game is well-suited for a long career

c.)hopefully the Hornets will have a talented roster by that point and a playoff quality team

d.) his dad played for the Hornets, and courtesy of that video, I just learned he is the all time leading scorer for the Hornets

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