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Out of the WR's on the roster who aren't 89.

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Marguide    3,308

A number of you take it as a given that Stew is the better blocker when that is not supported by facts, at least not if you put credence in Pro Football Focus.

Do none of you remember the report showing Stewart was the worst blocking back in the league?

People assume he's the better blocker as that is often consistent with power backs, but in his case, it's just not true.

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La Pantera    983

Stewy hasn't been truly healthy since he has been here. He isn't healthy at this time either. So, if he is starting week 1, it would surprise me.

Hellz, even when DWill got demoted his carries actually went up. Mainly because Stewy wasn't...wait for it...healthy.

I would love a healthy Stewy to compliment DWill. Together they are a beast of a backfield. A healthy Stewy gives us options we don't have when he is hobbled. As much as it pains me to say, a healthy Stewy may be a pipe dream. He may always have those nagging ankle problems. Sad in a way. He could help us big time.

Even though Stewart has missed many practices due to injury. DLo has missed more games. That's a fact. Last season was the first time since Stewart was drafted that he missed a significant amount of playing time. The only way DLo gets more touches per game than Stewie, is if Stewart isn't playing.

And all of this doesn't change the fact that DLo played horrible for nearly 13 games. And if you think I just don't like DLo that's not the case. Im just keeping it 100.

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ThunderKatt    40

Missed more time but more points and yds during the same time frame.

You didn't burst my bubble, but I totally disagree. And believe 100% if Stewart is ready to go week 1. He'll be the starter.

I'd also like to add that in the same time frame DLo has missed more playing time due to injury...

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