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so george zimmerman's trial is underway

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So the defense opened their case today with a knock-knock joke.  Only the finest defense for Mr. Zimmerman.

I've seen some talk surrounding this and some people think it was more strategic than you'd think. 


Making the jury or implying that jury is prejudiced so they can eventually appeal

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I heard today that the defense will try to get the kids suspensions from school for fighting as character testimony.

Pretty sad really, as if a kid fighting in school justifies that moron tracking him down when told not to.

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guys guys no one knows what happened that night other than the fact that zimmerman shot a kid to death, so we should all just drop it


you're probably right.  we should all just be thanking white jesus that it wasn't a blue eyed, blonde haired caucasian girl and get on with our lives.   no real tragedy here.

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he never got suspended for fighting

True. I must have heard it wrong. Suspended 3 times for drugs and truancy. Doesn't matter though, didnt deserve to be shot.

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The Case For And Against George Zimmerman


  • Typed, signed letter from Martin confirming he attacked Zimmerman
  • Americans have soft spot for nation’s rugged, rawly sexual neighborhood watch volunteers
  • Actions fall within the letter of Florida’s “Get Out Of Your Car, Track Down Your Target, Provoke A Fight, Then Stand Your Ground” law
  • That scary photo of Trayvon Martin flipping off the camera
  • Big, round, happy moonface reminiscent of beloved comedian Jonathan Winters
  • Not convicting him would have a fun “Wow, how the fug did this happen?” kind of craziness to it
  • Only shot unarmed black guy once, as opposed to national average of 21 times
  • Presence of an eloquent and highly persuasive Henry Fonda in the jury box
  • He didn’t do it


  • Murdered a kid
  • Alibi that he was bowling with friends at the time of the crime falls apart under close scrutiny
  • Decency, common sense, basic morality, etc.
  • Best-case scenario: He got into a fight with a 17-year-old and then shot and killed him
  • His original description of Trayvon Martin as 8 feet tall, 250 pounds, and carrying a semiautomatic is dodgy at best
  • Chilling 911 call features Zimmerman saying, “Hold on a sec, I’m going to kill this black kid real quick”
  • Millions of paranoid, racist assholes leaping to Zimmerman’s support may actually be hurting his public image
  • Always good to make the American legal system seem fair from time to time







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