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Microsoft reverses stance on XboxOne

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Posted 27 June 2013 - 01:34 PM

the only game that hasn't come to the pc that i've really wanted to play in the last two years is red dead.   most console ports aren't worth wiping my ass with, and that includes all marquis titles pretty much, Halo, CoD, Madden, garbage garbage garbage


i can play fps for free on pc that are better than the slag of poo that is churned out and over-advertised, over-priced, and has paid critics talking about how "groundbreaking" a sequel is that just has some texture tweaks and new filters thrown on top of the same simple ass bullshit


if it weren't for PC, none of you little consolefags would even know what a video game is.


now kiss the ring bitches


For me it's been Dragon's Dogma, I really want to play that, but they won't put it on PC.   Right now I want to play State of Decay but it's coming to Steam soon so I can wait.  I so wish Madden and The Show would come to PC, with a xbox controller you can play sports games fine on there.


Also, I wouldn't say "no one cares" about PC gaming.  The most played game in the world is on PC (League of Legends, 40+mill accounts).  WoW at one point had 10+ mill accounts paying $15 a month to play at one point, and still has what, 7-8 mill?  Do the numbers on 8 million people paying $13-15 a month per month for a year.  WoW has been popular for 7 years I believe.  On console there is a HANDFUL of games that are vastly popular, on PC there is hundreds of games that are vastly popular.


I'm not taking a side in the war, but I have to say you're wrong about "no one caring" about PC gamers.   Don't even get into the Indy market on PC which is HUGE.  On the slowest of days, Steam has like 5 million people on at once, that's the SLOWEST of days.  The biggest games aren't even on Steam, so think on that a bit.

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Posted 27 June 2013 - 02:37 PM

wow churns out more money in one day than xbox does in a month


valve is making a fuging KILLING on steam.  they don't even need to compete with consoles to be successful.

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Posted 27 June 2013 - 05:06 PM

WoW reached 20 million accounts worldwide in its hay day...