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Picture of Cam in Madden 25

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Lol do you even play madden??



All new physics engine in 13, opposed to predetermined animations like in 12 and previous games. How is that not improving gameplay.


Precision passing and recievers reacting has never been better.


Running the ball was lacking in realism and effectivness in 13. That is being addressed in 25. For example, when running with the ball and you change direction quickly, your player just floats as opposed to actually cutting. That is being changed so your player actually makes the cut animation.


And they are improving on the physics and momentum of players in 25. Along with updated graphics. So yeeeeaaaaah.


As someone who's owned every madden since 06 (mostly because it's the only NFL game available, unfortunately), it has not seen a significant gameplay improvement since the transition from 08-09. Since 09, it's been more of the same. The "physics engine" in 13 was a crock of BS, it was the same premade tackle animations, vacuum blocking, and vacuum tackling that has crippled this game in years before. The game is also far too "actiony". If I turn on a football game, play on the hardest difficulty, and consistently drop 40 burgers on the CPU, there is something fundamentally wrong with the game.


Nfl 2k5? That's a football game, and it blows any madden since out of the water. Beating a dead horse, I know, but seriously - try it. Madden: Players hand comes within an inch of ballcarriers ankle, but doesn't actually touch it - player is vacuumed in for a trip. 2k5 - ball carrier is untouched.


Madden, on the other hand, is fully aware of their monopoly in the NFL market, and take full advantage of it. When your main selling points for a game are all these canned marketing words and features like "run free", "precision passing", it's pretty indicative of a game that  solid gameplay throughout.


When run free was announced, someone from Madden described it as "being able to link together street fighter like combos to devestaste your opponent", or something of the sort.




I just want a game where players actually hold their blocks, don't tackle and block like a vacuum, actually have momentum, and where footballs don't phase through hands. It's a mediocre game at best, has been for years, and always will be as long as they know they have no competition, and as a huge NFL fan and gamer, it fuging sucks.




As mentioned before, the jersey number pokes into the collar of the jersey. Small detail, but a testament to how little attention to detail EA gives; they know people will buy it.


Dear Madden Jersey design guy ,





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I don't play Madden so maybe someone can help me with this question - when customizing the uniform can you put a towel on Cam's head instead of a helmet?  Is there a cheat code for that or something?

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I really wish 2k would come back their player mode on nba2k blows madden's connected career bs out of the water. As a player in connected careers you have no interviews, no talks with an agent, no offseason activity, you don't even get drafted you "pick" a team. Madden changes from year to year but doesn't improve.

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