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Tyreke Evans

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If it was possible to get him I'm for it but I don't see Sac letting him go that easy, I believe they will match any offer thrown at him.

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I think they'll threaten to match any offer to pry some value back for him.


To get him it'll probably take a at least 10 million a season contract plus a first rounder. Would it be worth it to give up the Portland pick in a sign and trade with Sacramento????



He's likely better then anyone that the Bobcats can get at 13th in the 2014 draft and they'd be able to get him a season earlier.




However, getting Evans might make the Bobcats a much better team.









If Biz and MKG make improvements like expected plus the P&R with Zeller and Kemba that could be a 30ish win team out of the top 5. 

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