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top dawg

I got to bust the Charlotte Post---the brothas---out on this one.

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OK, I am gonna bust "the brothas" out on this one. The Charlotte Post: The Voice of the Black Community  posted Steve Reed's article on Ted Ginn Jr today


The first problem is that you would think that an actual Charlotte publication could get one of the members of the team to do an interview. Hell, I bet you could get some press credentials, but even if you can't (which, again, I highly doubt), you can at least contact the Panthers to arrange a phone interview with one of the many "brothas" on the team.  I mean I highly doubt that an organization that has so many blacks working for them would discriminate against a relatively small black publishing company. It wouldn't be a good look, plus the paper could generate some news for itself about any perceived discrimination.


The second problem is that though the web site correctly attributed the article to Steve Reed, they have the publication date as June 27, more than two weeks late. Granted, you probably only publish a paper only once or twice per month, but at least get the publication date on the web site correct, if not the paper.


I am sure that someone---perhaps a journalism student---in Charlotte would love to do a few stories regarding the Panthers, and I am sure that some of the Panthers players would oblige.  I mean I would be willing to move to Charlotte and work for the Charlotte Post if the price is right. Believe me, I take grammatical liberty in forums and on the Internet, but I have a degree in journalism and would love to actually use my degree to make a little change for the first time in my life.


Get it together, brothas and sistas.



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I am unsure on how having a crappy editor fits into the Tinderbox.


Yes, I can kinda see that. Some black folk don't like other blacks airing out "dirty laundry" in public (if at all) or on stage for a white audience.  

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So... I think the gist of this thread is basically calling out a "black" newspaper for reposting older news and not coming up with their own stories?


Please tell me I'm misunderstanding, and that your use of "brothas" and "sistas" isn't really just underhanded racism...


...because, you know, you completely brought that element into this discussion... http://www.thecharlottepost.com/index.php?engine_id=&src=search&search_id=search_box&search_this=brotha


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SO if I am reading this correctly...


Top Dawg is a black man with a journalism degree that is angry that he does not have a job in journalism. He comes across a publication geared towards the black community that is of crappy quality. This makes him feel even angrier that he is not employed within his degree.


That sum it up?


I am not sure this is an effective way to get a job.

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I'm pretty site that he's a black man himself.


Even so, it still doesn't do him any favors within the context...

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