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Tidbits from the interview with Rivera

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Josh Norman issue wasn't talent it was discipline.  Now it his second year and time to grow-up.  The staff seems to think he got it. Should play better.  Florence is a veteran,  I am sure we didn't sign him for special teams.  His prescence should make a difference and from the few tibits of news we have had about it.  He has.


Nakamura was a crutch for the entire defensive backfield.


Finally, when I say DBs I mean safety and cornerbacks.  And we have improved and it will show.


It's your story.  You feel the team is doomed because we haven't improved.  Hope your wrong.  I don't see it as a spot QBs are drooling to take advantage of.

I think you hit the hail on the head. Two reasons to believe our CBs will be better this year. 1) A full offseason working and growing. 2) A top level coaching staff.

The kids should know the system so much better this year. They can play without thinking about there assignments. Because we have Wilks and Rivera teaching them proper technique and alignments.

I see a year of growth and confidence. With Florence helping out, which has already been reported, plus Wilks and Rivera. I see no reason not to think there should be better play by the CBs.

Godfrey is back at FS where he fits best. The only weak spot is SS. And if Lester can push for a spot, that position should be better as well.

I ain't worried all that much. Rivera has done more with less. And don't let CRA get to you. Most of his arguments are the, if he can think it, it can happen variety. No substance whatsoever.

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I don't think we have improved much.

Florence isn't a noteworthy improvement IMO. We also added talent in terms of a nickel CB.....but we had Capt there.

Where is the improvement at CB. Florence IMO is a Nakamura type addition. A body at this stage.


After a year under their belt some the young guys will be better but is that good enough? This is why Gettlemen gets paid the big bucks. We have the money to make a couple of moves.


At this point we need a cb ,ss, and OG so lets see..... what Rivera said we may make a couple of moves.

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I assume you mean there is no way we win with 17 points against these teams.  These teams are all beatable.  Our team is good enough to beat them all.  I am actually looking forward to the Giant game.  Carolina is going to have this one marked on their calendar. 


Depends on whether we control the ball like we can.  If your running game is solid and you have 7,8 or 9 minute drives and you score TDs.  You keep the ball out of those guys hands.  They cannot score points sitting on the bench watching us.


I would take 20 and our defense being improved keeping ANYBODY under 20.



Not one team that averaged scoring 20 points made the playoffs. Our defense would have to be stacked at every position to even imagine that. We really need to average 7 additional points to make the playoffs. I view that as attainable if we can add another OG so we can run the ball more.


The interesting discussion is where will these 7 points come from.

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