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More Cam talk on NFL Network

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The only people in the entire world who gives a shyt about those comments is a handful of fans.

I can tell you with about 99.9% certainty that no one in the lockeroom cares if he likes Atlanta.

Most of those guys are Panthers fans until another team offers them a better contract.


Well said. I hope no one believes these guys in todays' NFL have loyalty like they did in college.  Why are Panthers fans even questioning him? For now he IS a Panther, and trust me all the dude cares about is winning....Period.  And he will sacrifice reputation, body, life, limb and public perception all in the name of winning. Isn't that enough?  Sure he could be better at PR, but oh well, we have a freak of nature naturally gifted athlete running our team.  It could be worse.  I watched him live at every Auburn game and he took constant flak from every side; media, players, fans (Auburn and outsiders), even coaches...what did he do?... pretty much broke every SEC record at RB, QB, Heisman, Undefeated Season, National Championship...and all this in his first year to really play in Division I NCAA (oh and he did the same thing basically in the NJCAA league the year before).  He has lived up to the hype so far in the NFL in my opinion.  If we cant build a Superbowl team around Cam, other than him having a major injury it is a coaching/GM issue.  Call me an Auburn homer or whatever you like but last time I felt like this about one of my own Auburn boys we went to the NFC Championship game with Kevin Greene...

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And it isn't just fans on blogs like this, I've heard just about every analyst whether local or national agree with me that Cam should keep this to himself.


If I were you, I'd believe EVERYTHING that analysts "whether local or national" say.


And I'd do everything they say to do as well.


Good luck with that.

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