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Statistically, Bobcats Nickname Will Go Down As Second Worst Of All Time

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One good reason for Charlotte to ditch the Bobcats -- it ranks second-worst all time in terms of win percentage by team nicknames. Here's a look: Team Pct. Record Steamrollers .274 ; Bobcats .346 (250-472) ; Clippers .370 (1,044-1,778) ; Grizzlies .383 (547-881) ; Wizards .392 (495-769). ESPN.com


The Bobcats would have to go 48-34 this year to jump the Clippers, 59-23 to jump the Grizzlies, and 66-16 to jump the Wizards... all while these teams went 0-82...


The good news is, we could go 0-82 and still have an all-time better winning percentage than the Providence Steamrollers... so there's that.

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