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Congrats to Cam for scoring more than any other QB week 1

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Why in the fug would you remove a birthmark only to create a scar? Idiot.

It was changing color which made it a possibility to become cancerous, so he had most of it removed which left a scar.

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A team we swept last season talking smack about a single throw in preseason




yeah let me just rush on over to write an in depth extremely long effort filled scathing retort backed with researched statistics



here yah go


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    • I think people can have concerts wherever they like but if they have a concert that is open to the public it should be open to everyone.   Stores can be open or closed to the public whenever they see fit.  You shouldn't have to provide your services 24 hours a day but when you do provide a service to the public the public should be treated equally. Again, the KKK is a terrorist organization and you can refuse service if there is reasonable concern for you or your customers personal safety.  And a white person can file a discrimination suit against a web designer if they feel like they are being refused a public accommodation because of their race.  A homosexual does not have same protections in federal statutes. And quit saying "participate in".  They aren't asking for gay sex.  You aren't participating in homosexuality.
    • LOL! You mad. It's May, there's not much to talk about. Everything will get over-analyzed right now. Might as well just accept it or disappear until there's more to talk about.
    • A guy who's missed 11 games in the last two years with perpetually bad hammies and a guy who has less than 1000 career receiving yards. Yeah...