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If we make the playoffs who deserves the glory?

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Our core players were brought here by Hurney no way can I give Gman all the credit if we made the playoffs this year. If we make the playoffs it's going to mean Cam and Rivera took it up a notch.

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If we go to the playoffs, the Carolina Panthers deserve the credit.  But if I had to choose between the two, I'd have to say Rivera.  It'd mean he finally learned how to coach.  Gettleman has done great things since getting here, but in the big picture his effect on the team for just THIS YEAR isn't enough to say that he's the reason if we have a good year.  I've always felt that if you can put the majority of credit or blame on one person on a football team, it's the coach.


I disagree. I feel like both RR and DG should be singled out for credit. Yes, RR's coaching and game planning cannot be discounted if things turn out well. But even though DG has only been here a year, take a look at what he's done. Not only has he given us a seemingly masterful performance as a talent evaluator (we really won't know that for sure until the end of the season and we can reflect on how the rookies played), but he has also made huge strides to put our financial house in order. The numerous contract restructures he has accomplished have allowed us to keep the best of our vets, while at the same time providing us some breathing space as far as the cap and our ability to resign expiring contracts for people like Cam, and going after solid players to fill in any remaining gaps. If we're all smiling at the end of the season, everyone in the organization can claim a share of the credit. But to me a lion's share must go to the leadership that crafted the season.

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All for a three word post! Lmao

the huddle was doing some crazy stuff last night. the hamsters got into the stash of meth.

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