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MMQB Deep Dive of our 2013 Panthers

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Andy Benoit does a reasonably admirable job in his 2013 Deep Dive for


I'm not going to re-post his article here, so go and read it. It's worth it.

Peter King may never get another interview with Cam Newton, but Andy just might.


I did think he hit on the actual causes of Cam's intermittent accuracy, his footwork. I've often been amazed at Cam's arm strength and the fact that he doesn't have to step into a throw to put it 50 yards down field, but it could be 10 feet above the receivers head, or right on the back shoulder.


I also agree that the bandages to our secondary are only slightly less bad than what we had going into last year, but Rome wasn't built in a day and the 2010 Panthers were about as broken of a team that I've ever seen put on the teal and black.


I'm glad that Gettleman didn't just come in and burn the house down to save it, but I do expect a bonfire in the front yard if we aren't playing in January..

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Maybe its the homer in me, but is there a qb in the league with a stronger arm than cam?

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