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Charlotte Lands top 150 player for 2010

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Football will have to come first. If people buy the FSL's, football will come. If football comes, the Big East is a likely destination after the next conference realignment.

A10 is the best conference for basketball outside of the Big 6 conferences the most consistently. The league has quite a quite a bit of talent committed for the upcoming season and the 2010 season. A lot of top 150 players (Rivals list) have committed or have a good shot at landing in the A-10 this coming season and in 2010. St. Joe's alone signed one top 50 guy, one top 100 guy, and one top 150 guy for the 2010 class. Xavier's recruiting hasn't slacked off at all since Sean Miller's departure for Arizona. Dayton, Charlotte, and UMass have all stepped it up in a big way as well. Hell, even LaSalle pulled in a top 30 player for the 2009 class. Charlotte is starting to get back to the level of recruiting they were at when they were in C-USA.

I want to get out of the A-10 as badly as anyone else, and so does anyone else who has interest in Charlotte athletics, but it sadly won't happen unless the school starts to take the football effort more seriously. They announced that they would seek to add football and then nothing else has really been heard since. Supposedly they are supposed to be starting a big advertising push in July, so maybe that will help. The program needs a face that people know to get behind the football push in order for it to be a draw to casual supporters. There has already been one 7 figure donation for football, but the donor and amount have not been announced.

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Saw this today. Hopefully he decides to stay with Charlotte, but if not, we still have a pretty solid back court the next few seasons. We need a SF and C more.anyway.

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