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Cary Kollins

Derp Armond smith double thread. But seriously

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Chaos    8,169

He gone, Skipper was pissed and Rivera gave him a talking to.  I don't get it, when the competition is this tight why would someone jeopardize it all with one moment of stupidity.


Russell's penalty on the opening punt was another that stood out.  You don't try to get back on the field in coverage??  I guess you made it easier on the coaches to send you packing.

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Bronn    4,339

It didn't really look too much like a kick to me... It was more of a "pumping his legs in excitement" type thing.

I think the ejection was overboard. I think Smith should stick over Poole, and that he's actually one of the more solid backups that we have.

Also, props to Steve Smith for coming over to talk to Armond after the incident. I dunno if he ever got to him, but he was one of the guys making his way over.

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