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Terrelle Pryor Possibly Beating Out Flynn For Raiders' Starting QB Job

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Everytime I've caught parts of Raiders' games, Pryor looks leaps and bounds beyond who he was last year.  In the same vein, Flynn has looked average.


Well, I tune in to the 2nd quarter tonight, and Flynn is already out, while Pryor is in.  The Bears were up 24-0, in part because of Flynn's mediocre first half performance, according to the Raiders' analysts.  Well, Pryor ends the half by leading them to a FG.  The announcers said that Flynn was actually warming up as though he was coming in for the 3rd quarter, but they sent Pryor back out and he makes several great plays to get them down the field, and then capped off the drive with an awesome 40 yard (give or take) TD run.


The analysts then finally said that there has been a QB controversy stirring in Oakland, and that the fans love Pryor and Flynn has basically underperformed.


I just find that QB job intriguing, considering that they traded for Flynn, gave him a nice contract IIRC, and this could be the 2nd job he had handed to him and lost unexpectedly to a younger QB.  Additionally, I'm kind of pulling for Pryor to make something of himself because of the NCAA garbage that cost him the rest of his college career, and almost his professional one as well.

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Pryor is just as bad. Why is he always scrambling? Just throw the damn ball away. He got one of his receiver's head almost chopped off.


I'd say because he HAS TO scramble.  Their OL looks a lot like ours right now...  He has now led them to 20 points after being down 24-0.  He is making excellent decisions, and showing some really good accuracy.

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Not really buying into Pryor.

But that said, Flynn is a great example of why you don't offer a big free agent deal to a guy who has one big performance (while surrounded by a winning team) to his credit.

I always remember Falcon fans proclaiming how Doug Johnson could start for 20 teams :lol:

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Flynn will probably start eventually. Pryor is pretty bad and one preseason game against 2nd and 3rd stringers, especially when he was horrible in the other three, won't make him Russell Wilson. Allen probably made this decision knowing that thier OL is terrible and that at least Pryor can make plays with his feet while Flynn is a stick-in-the-mud.

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