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OK, so I saw a little speculation about Raiders' D. Moore

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This site, The Raider Nation Times, seems to be kinda throwing poo up against the wall with speculation that the unhappiness with Denarius Moore's consistency may lead him to being traded.



As the 2013 NFL regular season approaches, fans of the Oakland Raiders are rife with anticipation. The "new era" is fully under way, and the team is jettisoning it's dead weight, replacing it with high-character, high-motor guys. 

Is Denarius Moore one of those? After a news conference with offensive coordinator Greg Olson and head coach Dennis Allen, many are left to wonder about that, and the rumor mill is buzzing.

According to the Examiner.com, Allen stated that Moore's concentration has dropped off, especially in practice. Moore's performances in practice have been described as "frustrating" and "inconsistent."



Of course Moore's concentration may not be there, he has effectively been misused because he is a deep ball receiver, and Flynn can throw about as long as I can (not to mention being behind perhaps the worst O-line in football this season).  Moore would be a prime candidate for a new change of scenery in my estimation. He has the skills to take it to the next level.


Hypothetically speaking, if you were G-man would you throw out some feelers to see what it would take to acquire Moore? If there was some interest, and some way to work it out, would you make that move?  You know we'd have to give something up (probably draft value).

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Dude had 741 yards and 7 TDs with the poo poo platter of Carson Palmer/Terrelle Pryor/Matt Leinart last year. Those are slightly better numbers than LaFell put up with a real NFL QB. If he could be had for a mid-to-late round pick, I'd be open to it.

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