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Ivan The Awesome

The Signs are everywhere...even here.

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Good afternoon Gents.



This little anectdote begins on a hot September day, where its already 103 degrees at around 0900 hours. The football gods are among us. I am sure you all have heard of such deities. From the likes of Zod, maybe our very own local Indiana Jones (PhillyB). I was one that did not believe is such things. Bah, there is no such thing as a football god or gods. How can a series of events tell me what may or may not be. So as I am walking down the street brooding over these trivial things.


My concentration is blown away by this beautiful lady that came out of the super market that I was coincidently passing by...her son was wearing a Seattle seahawks shirt. Must have been 7 years old and about the same height as Russell Wilson. I did not think anything of it but as I saw her walk by with that snot nosed kid I had to stop and see them. My eyes witnessed the young child trip and fall to the ground as his mother immidiately bent over to assist him. I got two things from this event. One. His mom had a nice rack. and Two...what on earth was the kid doing in a Seahawks shirt and in my locale?! (Unfortunately I could not get a picture of said kid and said milf. I would have felt a bit awkward, but take my word for it. It happened.)


I shrug it off after engraving the milfs cleavage in my brain and go on to my mission, which was to pay my bills...(Yes, I go pay  my bills manually. No online pay down here...) I stop at a cross walk and turn to my left...there it was..2013-08-26093536_zpsdea29b27.jpg



..an old vehicle. A ford, truck. With the words Klein Kustom Electric on the grill....Klein?...Like our Rookie LB A. J. Klein?! What on earth is going on. In a matter of minutes I have two divine epiphanies...I shrug it off. Maybe it is the heat getting to my skull.  I have to Chalk this up to coincidence, right?


As I am closing in my target and Brooding some more over the freshly occurred events, analyzing the fact that Klein is not a common last name in Mexico, realizing that Seahawks apparel appeared  in my area in game week. I decided that if there is such a thing as a football god, I will get one more sign...just one more sign. Defiantly I think and demand for one more sign. Do not toy with me football gods!!



...walking back from my destination, in the swealtering heat of the sun. I stop near a palm tree and as my eyes widen I see it. I see the last sign.... 1235030_10151627989940794_671829897_n_zp


Its a man. An old man. Wearing a hat. Backwards. What logo did this seniors hat have? It was the old Carolina Panthers logo... That sweet logo that brought memories from its inception in the early 90´s.

...of all places... Here..



Brothers...I believe. The football gods will favor us this year. The Seahawks will not win this coming Sunday. They will fall. Russell Wilson will be sacked several times. And the Old winning ways of the Carolina Panthers will have a shade of 03. Be ready for this beautiful ride we shall embark in the next couple of days.



Expect a 10 win season and a playoff birth. Expect two NFC south teams to be sweep by us. It has been a long time coming way too long. The time is now.


¿Are you ready?



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It's our time.  Unlucky (year) number '13 to go along with that fuging black cat mascot and a defensive line made up of boogie men.  Just remember how ridiculously unlucky we've been the past two seasons.  Time for the Football Gods to shine upon us and reap that good luck karma.

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This is amazing, but you missed the most important part! Lets zoom in on the truck mirror




zoom in more...




and more still.....





and finally...





Obviously this means we will cleanly wipe our collective asses with the seahawks.

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