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Seattle paranoia

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O-Ther    2,598

It's funny how they are flipping out over which officiating crew might be in charge. They really have a thing against Mike Carey for some reason. Wonder if he's the one that cost them the Superb Owl against Pittsburgh in '05?


Anyway, they seem to think he takes joy in sticking it to them. Apparently, Mike Carey and his wife own a company and one of the company's biggest competitors is based in Seattle. Guess that's what they do in the Northwest. Try to stay out of the rain and come up with conspiracy theories like in the Greatest Uniform Contest while sipping their skinny lattes.









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yeezy    3

Lol, it's just that we've never lost a game he's announced during last year and he announced quite a few last year. So rejoice hawk fans!

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TCF2    112

Yo.... They almost let that replacement ref that was a Huge Saints fan ref against us last year... And then swapped him b4 the game!

Y'all tryin to act funny right now cause its their fan base tripping... But we've been hosed more than our fair share in the past too.

Now, with all that said I really really really hope that dude refs this weekend and screws them a bunch of times too

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