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Peyton Manning and his accuracy issues, should Broncos be concerned?

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Geez just watching this game tonight Peyton Manning has had accuracy issues.  I know at this point in the game he has 370+ yards and 6 TDs  BUT....


He threw 7 yards behind a receiver earlier that almost resulted in a INT


He threw way behind a receiver that resulted in an offensive pass interference


He overthrew a wide open Thomas on a double move that should have been a TD


He underthrew a WIDE open Welker by about 15 yards that should have been a TD


He missed wildly on a comeback route to Decker


He has also missed on a couple of back shoulder throws


I mean, he fugging short hopped a screen.  A SCREEN.  The receiver was like only 8 yards away for crying out loud.


So my question is, should the Broncos be worried about Manning's accuracy?  Yes he has like a bagillion yards and and like 10 TDs, but until he becomes more accurate he will never be elite.

























Point being, if you try and guage a QBs accuracy on a handful of throws in each game you will think every QB who has ever lived in the history of the NFL is inaccurate.


Cam's accuracy is fine, just because he misses some throws does not mean he is somehow unusually inaccurate.   Those who keep repeating this please, kindly, STFU.  kthx


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What have I done?  Drank a 12 pack of Modelo and for some reason got unreasonably pissed about the constant "Derp  but remember that one time in that one game when Cam missed that open receiver.  He is soooooo inaccurate"


It is BS.  So I started watching to see if the greatest QB of his generation ever missed throws badly, and low and behold, he does!!



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oh...this is yet another thread about cam newton. i see.

Is that a problem?

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newtons accuracy and decision making needs to get better, quit cryin


Decision making sure.  But why do you believe he is inaccurate?


Better yet lets play mad libs.  Cam short hops a throw in the endzone because he is inaccurate, Peyton Manning short hops a screen pass because ____________?

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because he misses recievers?


I just gave about 8 examples of Manning missing receivers in just this game tonight. BADLY.  Is he inaccurate too?

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7 TD's*


Yup.  Just imagine how good he would be if he didn't miss open receivers tonight.


The better his overall stats tonight are the more it makes my point.  As a matter of fact, that was the point

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