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Sam Mills Fan

Won't win until Ron Rivera is fired

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Get us a head coach with a win at all costs killer instinct and attitude that lasts four quarters.  Get an OC that uses a playbook newer than the one my grandfather had in 1920 when helmets were leather skullcaps.  Coach  Cam on how to audible out and change up on  dumbass calls made twenty seconds earlier from up top in the box.  Fine, bench, and/or lay a can of whoop ass on players who make bonehead penalties.  Get A. Smith off the field as soon as Barner is healthy, and when Stewart comes back, can his ass and fill the spot with the greatest need at that point.  We signed Ginn for a reason - use him.  Give Norman more time on the field.  After you homers around here attempt to shoot these suggestions down, I've got about a dozen more, and they have nothing to do with players failing to execute, an excuse I am sick of hearing in pressers: "What went wrong yesterday coach/Cam/whoever?"  "Well, we just didn't execute.  We just have to execute or we won't win."  Duh.


It wouldn't take much to change the lyrics to the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" to perfectly fit the start of this season so far.

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Wow, didn't expect this thread until November. Usally Panther fans are so patient.



. :rolleyes:



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I wish they'd give Cam the option to audible out of plays at the LOS.  That really make's a difference, imo.

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