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Mr. Scot

Roster changes?

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Person confirms a replacement for Williams will be added to the regular roster tomorrow, but says not to expect a name player.

Would appear Chris Scott will start in Williams place. If Silatolu is back, he plays the left guard. If not, maybe it's Wharton. More likely scenario, at least for the moment, is Wharton as depth for both guard positions.

Also a couple of changes to the practice squad, with OL Garth Gerhart and DT Casey Walker being let go. My guess is one of the two tryout quarterbacks takes one of those spots. Unknown on the other.

No definitive word on changes to the depth chart. If there are any, I doubt we find out till tomorrow.

Spot on Mr. Scot.......

Scott to RG ,

if available- Silatolu at LG ......if not Wharton

Heard it from RR mouth

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Well, fans of Ramses Barden should be happy.  The Giants reached an injury settlement with him, so he's available.


Wouldn't necessarily expect him him here unless Domenik Hixon just can't get healthy.  Then maybe...

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So what changes might we see before week two?


Got a feeling Garry Williams goes to IR, which likely means another lineman signed. If you're expecting that to be a well-known veteran guy though, I wouldn't necessarily get my hopes up.  It's a legitimate possibility.  After week one - which technically isn't over until end of game tonight - is the time many teams pick up unsigned veterans because they no longer have to guarantee their contracts, but by no means is such a signing guaranteed.


As far as other changes, I know some are expecting Armond Smith to be shown the door.  Again, maybe, but I have a feeling he gets one more chance.


Ditto Josh Thomas.  Thomas had three fairly bad moments in yesterday's game, but will he be benched?  My gut says not yet, but it's possible.


Feel free to predict what roster changes you think could - or should - be made this week.


(players only; plenty of coaching discussion in other threads) 

Hixon will be available and armanti and hopefully barner will be also playing. they only played armanti one time to protect his hamstring


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Oline, even though they played well, corners, receivers. Same thing as we've been screaming for for 2 years now.

Unfortunately no receivers out there unless we're going to make a trade. I say WR won't get fixed this year. That means receiver in the first round and sign and trade with New York for Hakeem nicks.

This is fantasy. I don't expect them to do anything. Maybe take a WR in the 6 th round out of bumfugu and expect him to contribute.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same result.

like i say again cam had only 3 Wrs and a tight end we were missing two armanti came in only one time on draw after that they never used him. hixon was inactive. like see what they do when all five can play at same time if nothing then time to panic

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