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Appreciation for David Newton

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Too bad ESPN paired it with the murdering of their fan posting (converting to Facebook).

I'm ok with that part. To many people hide behind pompous insensitive remarks under fake users..

Thie new way is harder for cowards to troll.

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I like what I've read from David Newton so far. Amused at the irony of his last name too :lol:

Regarding Pat: In his Charlotte Observer days, Yasinskas was arguably the second best Panther reporter on the beat (behind Gantt) but I think having the whole NFC South to cover hurt the quality of his work. He seemed to get lazy about Panther related stuff.

The GM search really pointed that out, with his insistence that Beane was a leading candidate (turned out he was never even in consideration) and then after the hire, his telling a chat questioner that Gettleman had never done any college scouting (even a cursory reading of his bio told you that was wrong).

Between that stuff and his seeming animosity toward Steve Smith, maybe getting back on the Bucs beat - where he started - was the best thing for him.

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I've posted almost all of his articles on here. I'm a fan for sure. Very refreshing to have someone know what the heck they're talking about that covers the team!

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