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Turkoglu signs with the Raptors **UPDATED**

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Joscott    200

I followed the raptors for several years, but gave up on NBA teams because of the player movement that takes place. There is usually so much roster turnaround that it gets crazy.

The problem with Toronto was and still is no interior defense and rebounding because they lack a true center. Bosh is a nice player but no where near as aggressive as he should be and has been called out many times before. Bargs has no defense.

So the only way Toronto gets better is to trade Bosh (they will lose him anyway) to get some interior power. I know Colangelo wants to run the court like in Phoenix, but Bosh is not Amare and Bargs is not Marion.

Build around Calderon and Hedo now, or get burned in a year.

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carpanfan96    1,459

Bargs improved a bit last year on interior defense. He average 1.2 blocks, which isn't bad for his weight. They need to pick up Mcdyess or someone like that to help out in the middle. I Would trade Bosh for a starting caliber tough center, just not a lot of those that are good and would be worth trading Bosh for.

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