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Hey Offense, You're Up

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Growl    7,708

There was a point near the beginning of the 3rd qtr after Cam threw that second TD pass and the offense started getting into a rhythm that I thought: "Hey, Cam's already got 2 and there's still a lot of time left. After a shaky start, he may end up having a heck of a day here."



And then Rivera sat on the lead. Again. Took the ball out of best players hands, again.


Ron Rivera does absolutely not have the courage to engage in a shootout. It's evident in everything he does and says. He'll have a panic attack, try to slow the game down and sit on a 3 point lead like it's 1986. Man's a coward.

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BigBoss    734

Our defense could have done better Sunday as well, two turnovers isn't really telling the whole story.



That said, I can't think of anybody besides Olsen and Steve on offense who could do well to play 100% better. It's very bleak for that offense.

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