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Breaking down some PFF Numbers on Defense...

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Through 2 games:


Defensive Ends


Johnson: 1 sack, 7 Hurries, 3 solo Tackles


Hardy: 0 Sacks, 2 Hurries 3 solo Tackles


Alexander: 1 solo tackle (missed most of 1 game)

Addison: 1 hurry


Not a ton of production, CJ continues to be out best Defensive end by a good margin.


Alexander has a horrid grade of -2.7  most of which is b/c of his penalty in game one.



Defensive Tackles 


Star is the end of all things. He has an amazing 7.6 overall grade, thats absurd. He is an absolute monster against the run.

He has 4  solo tackles, 2 qb hurries, and 4 stops. He is a man among boys. 


Short, Edwards are grading out about the same, poorly against the run and decent as pass rushers. This honestly makes me feel good about Short's potential going forward.


Surprisingly Colin Cole is a pretty solid player. He can't rush the passer for poo, but he has 2 solo tackles, 2 stops and a QB hurry. Not bad for the 4th rotational guy.




Luuuukkkkeeeee ,Grading out like one would expect, he struggled a bit against Buffalo for a 0.1 grade but had a good 1.7 against Seattle. He has 16 tackles on the year, 12 STOPS (whoa) and has been average in pass coverage. The PI brings his score down as it was a ballbuster.


Thomas Davis has some odd numbers, he has 15 tackles, but 5 missed tackles, he grades out +1.6 in coverage but -2.3 in run support. Overall, IMO, he is having a really great season, and is a great mentor/compliment to Keuch.


Beason up and down so far. He has 8 tackles on the year and graded fine against Seattle, but he was getting toasted against Buffalo. -4.8 in pass coverage. Basically Buffalo could run any wheel route to the RB they wanted if Beason was covering. 



fug my life....

I don't even want to break this down.

Josh Thomas is the best of the bunch, especially in run support. He did have a shitty Seattle game, but actually had a decent game against Buffalo. I can't believe I'm saying it but he might be out best CB thus far (statistically speaking).


Cap is same guy he has always been. He's too damn short to play anywhere but the middle of the field. He was toasted all game against Seattle (-2.2 in Pass Coverage) and managed to be even against Buffalo. 


Josh Norman just gets burnt. -2.7 in coverage. Zod might have had a stroke of genius when he mentioned the kid might be a passable Free Safety. If only we had someone I had faith in their ability to teach him to do such.


DJ Moore hasn't played enough to judge and Godfrey got hurt. FWIW Godfrey is also the same damn guy, - grade in run support and average in coverage. He'll likely get a major pay cut or released in the offseason.


I poo you not, Michael Mitchell and Quientin Mikell are out best two players in the secondary through 2 games. Both have positive grades in Pass coverage and Run support.(well Mitchell is -0.1 but I gotta have something positive here.





Going forward,


I think the front seven will continue to be our strongest unit on the team. Hardy and CJ will get theirs, Alexander as well should be good for a handful of sacks. Colin Cole and Dwan are proving to be serviceable while the rookies get accustom to the game. Unfortunately I fear the rookie wall could cripple out ability to stop the run. Cole and Star  and Short will likely all meet some version of a drop off later in the season. 


Beason is a MLB playing OLB. My deepest hope is he will get loosened up as the season goes in and end up returning to his former self. My heart hopes, but my brain has doubts.


The secondary is poo and now it's injured poo. Through 3 quarters of every game we could have a top 5 defense. In the 4th quarter we might have a bottom 10 defense.


Something to chew on.



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The front seven are going to have to play balls out to cover for the secondary... it was bad enough, now it's 1000x worse that we're banged up.

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About Norman to S---I said that when we drafted him and his 4.65 speed.  However, I am not sure he is physical enough, smart enough, and I think he is too old to change positions at 26.  Think about the other Safeties in the NFL who have converted to S--most were pretty sharp dudes.  I am not confident we have enough time for Josh to learn a new position.


The person I want to see play S is White for the same reasons.

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Please make a corresponding thread with offense.




Maybe over the bye.

I want more info on the offense so I can rant properly.

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I will say this much however about the offense.


Byron Bell isn't the worst OT in the league.


The worst graded OT in the league is in the NFC South however.

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I mentioned that the two best safeties we will be starting (if Mikell is okay) is Mitchell and Mikell. More than likely the best we've had since Mike Minter left.

I suggest we cut Godfrey, enough Achilles injuries and he's really not worth the hassle, draft a safety and bring in a corner via FA. Knowing this team we let Mikell and Ginn walk.(two best FA pick ups in a long time.)

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Some advanced stats to go along with those



TD ranked 10

Luke ranked 14

Beason ranked 85




CJ ranked 4




Star ranked 14




Mikell ranked 11

Godfrey 40

Mitchell 63




Captain ranked 35

J. Thomas 51

J. Norman 77






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