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Panthers 2014 Free Agents

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davos    3,849

I kinda wanted to make a thread about this but figured it wouldn't be well received:


I think if we come to an agreement with Hardy, Mitchell becomes the replaceable/odd man out.  


If we can get Hardy for around 10 million, cut Godfrey June 1st, and stick with the RBs so that we don't have any unnecessary cap hits, we'll be looking at around $11 million for the remaining FAs/picks.  


Now I think Gross, Ginn, Senn, Hartsock, Gano, & Wharton can be manageable under this but if Mitchell wants a big contract, he's definitely replaceable.  Just my 2 cents, if getting Hardy back would mean not having Mitchell, I'm fine with it.  But I'm not a cap guy so don't know how legit this scenario would be for us.         



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Jon Snow    2,479

Stupid question here, and assuming he would go for it, is it possible for Stewart to void his contract in order for him to become a FA?

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