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blaming the generals

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John harbaugh and 49ers, Andy Reid and chiefs, (touché if you say e are only three weeks into the season) John fox and Panthers/Broncos, as much as it makes me want to barf to say it; Peyton and the Saints and Mike Smith and the Falcons.

Maybe the brass does have something to do with it....


That would be Jim harbaugh, there, uh, football genius

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who is responsible for training and arming the poor australians?


who is responsible for outfitting soldiers with intelligence, knowledge, skillsets, etc?


leadership and coaching are as much about preparation and teaching as they are about situational aptitude.  I feel as if our coaching staff fails at both - at least on the offensive side.

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...but there are plenty of times when the leadership does suck, take my namesake General McClellan during the civil war, he had Lee beaten at Antietam but didn't go for it on 4th and 1. 

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"Alright men see that machine gun nest over there. I want you all to take these sticks and rocks and charge it head on. One of you are bound to make it through and take out the gunner."

"But sir shouldn't we attempt to flank it or call in an air strike."

"Nonsense private, I like our odds and last time I checked I give the orders around here."

The squad follows their orders and proceeds to get slaughtered by machine gun fire.

If your leader is terrible and doesn't know basic tactics the best soldiers out there are going to be worthless because they are trained to take orders from their superiors.

This is the best response to this post!  Your general can have the "know" and not the "feel."  This is Rivera.  He knows what should be done in all situations but he has no idea what our team is good at and not good at.  If all you have is sticks and stones you don't charge a machine gun... you flank!   This week Carolina has to get creative!

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