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Deangelo Williams Hitting His Stride

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I'll be happy when Stewart gets healthy because I love bruising rb's. But I honestly don't see Barner seeing the field very often unless we're blowing up another team-not-named-Giants as we played Armond Smith last game. Or Stewart or Williams gets hurt. Even then Tolbert will be 1st choice.

I have questions about Stewart though. Will he stay healthy? Ankle surgeries can be a bitch. The times he went down last year, it didn't take much more than a tweak the wrong way. No one rolled up his ankle, no one fell on it. How much better have the surgeries made his ankles? And when he was able to break free and head for the end zone, he was caught from behind fairly often. DeAngelo makes it to the end zone more often than not once he does break free.

I know, I know. Huddlers are all "the grass is greener on the other side" so you're kissing Stewart's ass right now. He's just another "over priced" rb on the injury list to me. His contract is worse than DeAngelo's. He has a ton of guaranteed money coming his way. Meaning JR pays him no matter what. If I can remember, it's about $15,000 but I could be wrong.

Bottom line, DeAngelo is producing and Stewart is not. I love watching DeAngelo run. I'm sure our oline does too. He gets himself so low and just goes streaking. Love it!

Actually Jstew's high ankle sprain was rolled on by a tackle out of bounds. It did not appen bc he is clumsey.

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You're missing the damn point on Frank Gore. Like you always do. When someone compare a different situation you always say that back is better than DeAngelo. Your act of belittling his resurgence over his past 8 or 9 ball games. That act. Play stupid all you want. You don't want to sprinkle Barner in. You want Barner to split Carries. And when Stewart.comes back, you want to split it 3 ways. It doesn't work that way.

I said we need to use all RBs when healthy.....YOU are the one breaking down what I think the split should be....not me.

How does it work. Cam needs his.... Tolbert get his short yardage. That leaves 3 sharing work in between the 20s. No one should get tons of work.

Barner needs to be sprinkled in. So does Stewart. As will Williams.

And as of right now, other backfields are producing better than our backfield. When we get healthy we can be better. Cam always makes them look better on a stat sheet (like the #2 rush attack). HOU for example, there RBs 3 weeks in are much more productive.....but people will claim Carolina's RBs are running better.

When we have Williams, Stewart, Barner and Tolbert..... And Cam. We can be overall great. We are effective right now. We can be better..

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Umm, yea, we have the 2nd best ranking in the league on the ground. Yea, I think it is little bit better than ok. Yea, you're a numbers guy. Look at those numbers. Instead of cherry picking certain numbers to support your bogus view. Rivera said in his presser that Cam's big day was directly tied into how Deangelo ran the ball to open things up. Yea, he isn't doing anything special. He is just out there producing instead of posting pictures of a missing toenail. Proof is in the pudding. He is and will remain the feature guy, whether you like it or not. Clearly you don't and that is too damn bad...

He won't remain the featured guy when people get healthy.....that defies logic. It will be a committee

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With only 7 attempts.  Not bad for Williams. 


Also, his first three carries of the 3rd qtr, when the Giants still had a shot, were 2 yards, 8 yards, and 27 yards.  That is good blocking, running and play calling. 

That's an awesome point. So he was averaging over 4 yds a carry his first 7 and at 10 carries he had 67 yards so 6.7 per carry. Imagine if he was better than just ok?

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Makes you wonder what DWill has to do to be better than just OK? I guess if 3rd in the league in rushing, almost 5 yards per carry, and almost 100 yards a game is just OK. What does the guy have to do?

Also, it is nice seeing Shula trying to adjust his Offense so far. 1st game he was too conservative, with reason. 2nd game he went a little overboard. 3rd game he dialed it in rather nicely. Not bad for a guy who was supposed to be bad at the whole making adjustments part of the game.

As long as Shula can continue to call a good game. DWill is going to get his. I can live with that.

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