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ECU @ UNC Saturday

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No, they don't. One person did, and what he said didn't make any sense.


What I get from that thread are the same feelings I have:


1. Sweet, sweet win as we watch Chapel Hill suffer

2. Greatest win under the Ruffin McNeill era

3. This win gave us absolutely nothing on the national scene because of how awful Chapel Hill is. Chapel Hill is nothing more than a name, and a tainted one at that.


I'd take the Peach Bowl, Pitt win, WVU and VT 08 wins, TT Bowl win, Boise State bowl win, 2nd CUSA Championship win in a row, and a bunch of others I can't think of over this. This win has no implications other than smearing it in Carolina fan's faces, and even that gets old after a while considering how much of a depressed bunch you are.


This was the biggest win of McNeill's coaching tenure for sure, but saying it's anything more than that is blatant ignorance of the program, which I don't blame you for considering you aren't a fan and you consider may ECU what the vast majority of Carolina fans do (which I love so much, by the way, tell 'em keep doing it)...but just give the argument up.


Plus, like someone said before, it just happened, let it soak in because things always get more realistic when that happens.


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