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what does your username mean and why did you choose it?

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found this website randomly, and was a lurker for a bit. never wanted to post but made an account to congratulate someone on a great post: thus my first name was totally unoriginal: Panthers8192 (because I never intended on using it). 


Got totally sucked in. During the change of a few years back I decided for something more original. 


SOJA is the name o of my favorite band. They are California reggae. It's an acronym for Soldiers of Jah Army. 


to this day however, the best username on this board is still: FuaMeOnce

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While not Italian in origin, many Italians believe in il malocchio (often pronounced "maloik.") Part superstition, part tradition, it is the belief in the evil eye, placed on someone when someone else is jealous or envious of the other's good luck. The malocchio then manifests itself in some sort of misfortune onto the cursed person, usually some physical ailment.

Wanted a change from 'j2sgam', take the meaning how you will, I like it...

My original j2sgam is a short version of my name. I am the 2nd of 3 'J' named Sgambelluri sons...

I originally interpreted j2sgam as an abbreviation of "Jake To Smith, Game" before you explained it years ago

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