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Curse of Chucky

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This movie is straight trash, don't even bother with it.  Mistakenly got hyped up for it because the creator said they were going back to the movies roots and going darker (ala Child's Play 1)... but it's honestly one of the worst movies I've watched in a while.  And this coming from someone who loved Child's Play 1-3.


Lol, I honestly don't know what I expected after as bad as Seed of Chucky was, but I thought maybe they learned their lesson since that movies suckitude single-handedly killed the entire franchise.  Just trying to help save some disappointment in case any of you planned on ever watching it.  Cheesy lines (Chucky had terrible lines), horrible acting, low-budget, awful special effects, repetitive/badly placed music, and plotholes galore.


The only bright spot in the entire movie is the lead actress (Fiona Dourif) who is in a fuging wheelchair.  I've never seen her in anything before and she's about the only one that has any semblance of caring about the movie.  Might be an up-and-comer.  She's also the daughter of the guy that voices Chucky, Brad Dourif.


2/10 would not watch again.




Edit:  Let me also throw in that the Chucky doll looks nothing like it used to.  He is stuck in a perpetual duckface expression for most scenes and the doll generally just looks... well I don't know, you tell me:





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